This Simple Reservations plugin for use with the DoorSwap tenant mangement system, was created by Aaron Barksdale out of a need for a better application of the DoorSwap Reservation system.  This plug-in is super simple, hence the name.

Step 1: After your purchase you will receive a download link.  Download and install the plugin from that link and Activate it.

Step 2: In the “Reservations” setup (left menu of the Admin side of your wordpress site), you will need to input the username and password associated with the staff member that you create that has API access.  Click Save.

Step 3: Where ever you want the Simple Reservations plugin on your page simply use the shortcode and the store number.  [” DoorSwap store=”####” ] (without the first “).  To get your store number, you may need to contact DoorSwap support.